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Faberge Eggs

The Faberge Company, founded by Russian jeweler Peter Carl Faberge, is well-known around the world for the intricate ornate eggs and jewelry pieces crafted during the late 19th- beginning of the 20th century.
The first Faberge Egg was presented in 1885 from Czar Alexander III to his wife as an Easter gift, and was proclaimed to be the most beautiful gift ever received. The advent of the first gifting of a Faberge Egg sparked a tradition among Russian Czars and members of aristocracy for the next three decades. On Easter Sunday, the reigning Czar would present an Imperial Egg to his wife or mother.
Painstakingly created, luxurious Faberge eggs are a true testament to Peter Carl Faberge's absolute passion for creating breathtaking, handmade works of art. The priceless gifts are symbols of endless dedication and exquisite craftsmanship, which the Carl Faberge Company proudly represents. Mr. Faberge achieved an immortal reputation after crafting such unique masterpieces. Enjoy the beauty and elegance of these gems, made in imitation of the precious Easter treasures owned by Tsars, Grand Dukes, and Royal Princesses.