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Ukrainian Embroidery

Ukrainian embroidery is an ancient folk art rich in symbolic meaning. Flourishing since well before the Common era, it carries a wealth of both Christian and pre-Christian messages in its beautiful patterns. Before the 19th century, Ukrainian embroidery decorated most fabrics in use in a Ukrainian household, from hand-towels to most articles of clothing. Cuts of fabric with more ornate embroidery were often presented by families to their churches to be used as sacrament covers and icon shrouds.

Ukrainian Gifts

Whether you have a Ukrainian heritage or simply have an interest in the culture, Ukrainian gifts can make for lovely and thoughtful presents to others. If they are not familiar with the arts and culture of the Ukraine, you can enlighten them while providing them with items that will look lovely on display in their home or office. Perhaps the most recognizable gift item from the Ukraine is the Pysanky painted Easter eggs.

These incredibly intricate items can be displayed year-round but are especially valued around Easter. You can buy an actual Ukrainian egg or purchase a book or kit so that the recipient can attempt to make some themselves. Kids can particularly have fun trying to replicate the look of these eggs.

Another popular gift from Ukraine is the varied array of wooden gifts. These handcrafted items include wooden jewelry boxes featuring delicate designs and wall hanging such as crosses that combine Ukrainian artistry with religious devotion. Another option is to purchase a hand-carved pipe with a design etched into the side. Another option for Ukrainian gifts is to purchase a replica of the Ukrainian flag or various items printed with either the flag or the national emblem. Good choices include clothing items such as t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as blankets. Another option along educational lines is to buy Ukrainian picture books, which often feature colorful and intricate illustrations and depict events from Ukrainian history.

You may also decide to purchase some Ukrainian art, which is known for being vibrant and eye-catching. If the recipient is religious, an icon may be an ideal gift, since there are many striking Ukrainian icons of Jesus Christ, as well as such figures as Mary and the apostles. Tastes vary according to each person, but there is a beautiful Ukrainian gift that can be just right for the person on your gift list.