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The beautiful Easter eggs that we see today are a replica of the jeweled eggs that the Russian Tsars ordered during the biggest festival of Russian Orthodox Church.

The custom of handcrafting Faberge Eggs began in 1884 on the personal demand of the Czar for his wife, Czarina Maria. Faberge, a famed jeweler and businessman was an innovative man, who agreed to make an Easter egg for the Czarina each year. The Easter egg would always contain a special surprise and the Royal family looked forward to these intricately carved artifacts, with amazing workmanship.

The custom started and the jeweled Easter eggs slowly came to be known as Faberge Eggs. When the Czar passed away, his son continued the tradition and till the Russian Revolution.

Faberge used an innovative technique and came up with a color palette of 140 colors while layers of enamel fired after each application. This beautiful technique gave the Easter Eggs a beautiful shine and luster. The metals used were gold, silver, copper, nickel used in varying proportions with adornments of precious gems like diamond, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. A total of 54 eggs are famed worldwide.

However, even today the thirst to have and collect Faberge eggs has not diminished while the legacy of the expert craftsmanship was passed on down the generation. The technique of hand crafting Faberge eggs remains even today and there are many artists who specialize in making such exquisite Faberge eggs.

Faberge eggs are still quite a favorite with both collectors and people who love old fashioned artifacts! There are many stores that have high-quality Faberge style Easter eggs, which are made to specific standardization and you can get one to suit your requirements. Faberge eggs are available to suit different budgets and tastes. All of them come with a beautifully handcrafted surprise that lends excitement to the owner.

Yes, there are many sites which sell good quality silver and semi precious stones studded Faberge eggs. You can judge the quality by seeing the 925 sterling silver marked on the base and always buy from a reputed art dealer.

With a variety of [http://www.ivoryandart.com] Faberge Eggs that range from cheap imitation varieties that are created from nickel to silver and gold. A beautiful, handcrafted Faberge egg makes a great gift that will be appreciated by the receiver as it is unique, has a royal history and expert craftsman still hold on to the skill of creating the perfect designs and encrusting it with gems. Sterling silver is commonly used as a base for the layered enamel work with semi precious gems studded on the surface. Delicately carved figurines can be seen inside that have all been handcrafted by master craftsmen.

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By Anita Satin Choudhary


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