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Easter Egg Crafts

Easter Egg Crafts

Easter Egg Crafts

Crafts are a fun way of using common household items to create beautiful, innovative results. Craftwork is a great reason for families to bond over the weekends and are quite cost efficient ways of decorating a house as well. This article is about the various crafts you can make out of easter eggs. The best thing about them is that they require very few materials, most of which you most probably already have in your house! 

How to make Easter Eggs?
If you are the kind of person who would love to make your Easter eggs instead of buying them at a store, here are a few ways you can do it by yourself. To start off, there are essentially two ways to prepare your eggs.

1) Hard Boiled:
This method of making eggs is useful especially if you intend on eating the eggs afterward. 

a) Pick the number of eggs you require and place them in a pot full of water over the stove. 
b) Set the flame to medium or high and let the water boil for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes.c) Once done, run the eggs under your tap to cool them down. 
Now, they are ready! 

2) Hollow: 
This method results in far more delicate eggs so be sure that you are very careful if you are going to follow this process. 

a) Take the desired number of raw eggs and wash them gently. 
b) With a large pin, poke a hole on either pointed end of one egg. 
c) Position the egg over a bowl and blow from one end with increasing, yet even pressure till the liquid slowly starts pouring out of the other end. 
d) Repeat this with all the eggs till they are hollow. e) Set the tap water to a trickling speed, rinse them off carefully and leave them to dry. 
Now you are ready to move on! 

Keep in mind that this is just the initial step to prepare your eggs. If possible, try to use white eggs instead of brown. 

Easter Egg Crafts:
Here are a few crafts that you can now make with your eggs. Pretty soon, you will be able to show them off as your own decorative additions to your house!

1) Dyed Eggs:
This is a simple craft that can be used either on its own or as a base for many other crafts as well. 
For this, you will need:

- Eggs (Hollow or Hard Boiled)
- Food Colouring
- Vinegar
- Cups (Plastic or Glass) 
- Water

a) Place the empty cups on a table and fill them three-fourths with water. Be careful and fill just as much water as is required to submerge the eggs but not too much that the water will spill over. 
b) Add half a teaspoon of vinegar (white) in each of the cups. 
c) Next, add the food coloring of your choice in the cups. The more you add, the darker your eggs will turn out. You can also get creative and add a couple or more shades in a single cup. 
d) Now gently drop the eggs into the water and wait. The longer you keep them in, the more colored the eggs will be. 
e) Turn the eggs over from time to time so that they are evenly coated. 
f) Once you are done waiting, pick the eggs up with a spoon and place them on a tissue paper or napkin so that it absorbs the excess moisture. 
g) Let them dry, then take a little vegetable oil on a piece of cloth and rub it over the eggs to get a lasting shine.
Now that the process is complete, you can either put them all in a basket or string them together to show all your friends. 
Note: Alternatively, you can use paint instead of food coloring. 

If you aren't satisfied with just those colors, here are a few things you can do to further enhance this simple craft. 

A) Crayon Decoration: 
You will need: Crayons
Before dropping the eggs into the water, draw or write messages on them with a pale or light colored crayon (Preferably white). Then follow the same process above. At the end, you will see the message in white against your brightly colored egg.

B) Shiny Eggs: 
You will need: Any decorative item, Glue
Once the dying process is complete, glue sequins on the eggs for a cool shimmer when you display them for everyone to see! Other substitutes for sequins can be glitter, buttons or wrapping paper. 
Note: Instead of dying the eggs, you can also spread glue on them and roll them in glitter to make the whole egg shine.

C) Egg Animals:
You will need: Felt (Black, Suitable colors), Glue, Scissors
This is a craft that most kids will enjoy. Make rabbits, pigs, frogs, ducks or any other animal you desire depending on the base color of your egg (White = rabbit, Pink = pig, Black = penguin, etc). Use felt for making the body parts like eyes, ears, tail, feet, etc.

2) Colourful Hanging Eggs:
There are multiple ways of decorating eggs to add a bright, beautiful look to any surroundings. 
For this craft, here is what you will need.
- Thin paper in five or more colors (like tissues, crepe, etc) 
- Glue
- Scissors
- Hollow eggs

a) Pass a string through each of the eggs and seal one end so that they can be picked up at the other end of the string. Set them aside.
b) Take five to six tissues of every color and open them up fully.
c) Cut each paper into four so that you have four squares/rectangles from each sheet. It doesn't matter if they aren't equally sized. 
d) One by one, begin to crumple each paper. Do this for all the pieces.
Note: Alternatively, you can also cut strips instead of squares and roll them to give a rose effect.
e) Take an egg and coat one side with glue. For this step, either use the glue as it is or mildly dilute it in water.
f) Once done, begin to stick the paper all over the glued side. Be creative with the color patterns you use. 
g) Repeat the process till every egg is totally covered in colorful paper. 
Now your eggs are ready. You can choose to hang them from curtain rods, doorknobs, or even the ceiling. 
If you want to take it a step further, you can turn them into a garland and hook them up in any room to give it a vibrant look. 
If you can get a bunch of branches, then these eggs can be hung off each branch to look like a decorated egg tree.

Hopefully, with these ideas, you will make good use of all your eggs. Feel free to use your own creativity and go ahead with modifications, substitutions and even take the crafts one step further to end up with even better results. It is all about innovative experimentation. 
Happy crafting!