Faberge Museums

While many of the masterfully crafted Imperial Eggs by Peter Carl Faberge can only be found in private collections, a good number of the eggs are held in museums around the world. Due to how infrequently the renowned eggs change hands, it is unlikely that the number available for viewing by the public will grow anytime soon. If you wish to view the eggs kept in museums, your itinerary will take you to two continents.


The Faberge Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, is home to nine of the Imperial Eggs, including the very first egg to be gifted to Empress Maria Feodorovna as well as the very last. These are the Hen Egg and the Renaissance Egg respectively. While the Faberge Museum houses more works by Faberge, the Kremlin displays 10 Imperial Eggs, the largest collection in the world.

 Faberge Museum in St Petersburg

Another Faberge Museum resides in Baden-Baden, Germany, but it only includes one egg, the Imperial Constellation Easter Egg. The Royal Collection Trust, found in the United Kingdom, displays three eggs. They are the Colonnade Egg Clock, the Mosaic Egg, and the Flowers Egg.

United States

There are five states with museums housing at least one Faberge Egg. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts contains the most at five eggs. New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art houses three. Maryland’s Walters Art Museum holds two, as does Hillwood Estate, in the nation’s capital. Finally, the Cleveland Museum of Art contains the Red Cross Triptych Egg alone.

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