How Much Are Faberge Eggs Worth?

Peter Carl Faberge made 50 beautifully crafted eggs, of which roughly 40 remain. Today, many of them are worth far more than what the Imperial Russian family paid for them when they purchased them from Faberge. Quite a few of the eggs have been lost, which further increases their value. What the Imperial Family would have paid a few thousand dollars for would often sell for several million dollars today.  

How Much Are Faberge Eggs Worth?

Most Recent Selling Prices

Because of inflation over the course of history and the fact that many eggs are held in private collections or museums for many decades, prices are not always directly comparable across all of the eggs. However, we can see how much some of them were sold for most recently.  

  • 2014 - Vacheron Constantin Egg, $25.9 million
  • 2007 - Rothschild Egg, $18.5 million
  • 2004 - Jeweled Hen Egg and eight others, $100 million
  • 2002 - Winter Egg, $9.5 million
Faberge eggs are very highly valued in circles of art collectors. Because they are so rare and change hands so infrequently, their values only rise. The Vacheron Constantin Egg, prior to its purchase by a private collector, was found at a flea market for less than $20,000, surely sold by someone who had no idea of its true and almost immeasurable worth.

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