The Symbols of Easter
Symbols of Easter
Easter's pastel tablecloths serving as the perfect background to beautiful Easter decor, or a basket brimming with scrumptious treats, furry bunnies, and brightly colored eggs hidden in the grass, conjure images of delight in the minds of all of us lucky enough to have experienced the family fun that surrounds the captivating holiday of Easter. The most spiritual of Christian holidays in today's world, Easter actually finds its origins in the ancient Hebrew and Pagan religions, as well. Even in the present day, we can recognize the Pagan fertility symbol of the hare, or our Easter Bunny, and the vibrantly colored eggs he brings, as the representation of spring's rebirth after the long stillness of winter.

Indeed, decorating in the colors of Easter can afford us the sweet and charming addition of spring to our home decors or gardens. And, as Easter Sunday approaches, preparing our homes for holiday brunch or dinner can add an irresistible sense of whimsy to this significant celebration. Beginning with the primary layer of our decorations, our Easter tablecloths can be selected from a myriad of pastel tablecloths that are offered by today's linen vendors and manufacturers. Whether we are looking for round tablecloths of lilac Fortex with square tablecloths of maize Fortex to place on top of them, or whether we are looking for rectangular party tablecloths in pinks to combine with pale green party tablecloths, utilizing Easter's palette of pastel tablecloths is the perfect way to incorporate all the enchanting colors of spring into our homes.

Creating the Perfect Easter Table

Additionally, in the exciting current marketplace, we can find holiday tablecloths of almost any shape and size. That's right! Whether we need large tablecloths or small tablecloths, oval tablecloths or custom tablecloths, we can certainly find them all. This variety of tablecloth size enables us to create layers of all our favorite Easter colors. There is also a wonderful new tool in the market place that can very easily be clipped to our top tablecloth in order to create an attractive swag. This clever new Couvert Clip enables us to cinch up our top tablecloth in such a lovely way, and yet, is easy enough for any of us to use. The Couvert Clip not only relieves us of having to form that artistic swag that florists and professional party planners take pains to create with fabric-damaging pins, but it also adds fun and delight to our decorations because these adorable new tablecloth clips can be adorned with any number of decorating themes. For example, after using the Couvert Clip to cinch up our Easter tablecloths, the brightly painted and sparkling, wooden Easter eggs that come with the Easter set of Couvert Clips, can be added to the Velcro patch provided on the outside of each tablecloth clip. If we prefer, we can even create our own designs that can be just as easily attached to the tablecloth clip's Velcro. The fun we can have with these tablecloth clips is only limited by our own imaginations.

Still another way to include Easter's palette of pastels to our holiday decor is in our secondary layer of decorations. This is where we add cloth napkins in the same colors of our tablecloths and alternate them as we place them on our pretty holiday tables. Matching chair covers and coordinating chair ties can also be utilized to make all of our mismatched or darkly upholstered chairs become part of the charming expression of our design.

Finally, we can incorporate the crowning layer of our special Easter decor. Beautiful spring flowers arranged into centerpieces, along with gracefully tapered candles standing tall in cut crystal candle holders, can be positioned on each table. Or, we can rest a rustic basket in the center of every one of our tablecloths, and fill each of them with moss and the colored eggs that the children have rediscovered in our gardens. Whether we chose delightful bouquets, or charming homemade crafts to create our final touches, Easter has provided us with the perfect chance to surround our families with love and special memories through our celebration and creativity.

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