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Orange Embossing Wax


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Orange Embossing Wax
For use on eggs, gourds, paper and other artistic medium with Electric Drop Pull tools, Electric Hot Wax Pens (Kistka), Hot Tipz Drop Pull tools. Dimensional Embossing Wax is a beeswax formulated with a resin to allow the wax to cure for a permanent finish on a hard surface. It's specially formulated for durability to use for wax embossing. Unlike paraffin or plain beeswax, once it has cured it will provide a solid dimensional embellishment. Handle finished artwork with care, wrap in wax paper for transport, and don't display in direct sunlight.
  • All Natural
  • Non-edible
  • 0.5 oz
  • Metal Container
  • Made in the USA

CAUTION: NOT for use in direct flame or in a melter that heats above 220 F
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