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Choosing the Best DIY Projects for Your Christmas Décor Plan

Choosing the Best DIY Projects for Your Christmas Décor Plan

Few holidays give you the opportunity to decorate every room of your home the way Christmas does. With so many cute and eye-catching décor themes, it is little wonder that the average American spends $50-$55 annually on decorations for trees, walls and doors. If you want to cut back on your decorating budget this year, there are a few inexpensive do-it-yourself projects you can do to match almost any theme. 

Matching a Traditional Theme

If you enjoy the traditional look of a large Christmas tree in your front window or living room, you can accent it by crafting a variety of smaller paper trees. Cut and fringe old sheet music and glue it to a Styrofoam cone, then surround it with mini wooden carolers, or fold and glue green sheets of construction paper to create 3D trees. Decorate them with silver and red glitter or other colors that match your large tree.

Projects for Small Spaces

If you have a lot of ideas but limited space, consider using mason jars, glitter and glue to make sparkling windowsill décor. Brush the insides of the jars with clear glue and then add glitter to coat the interior. You can use a variety of glitter colors to match your other decorations and add pillar and votive candles to light the jars at night.

DIY Christmas décor is a great way to spark your imagination. Get inspired at BestPysanky and choose unique decorations to make your holiday season memorable.