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Ways to Use Unfinished Wooden Letters & Numbers

Ways to Use Unfinished Wooden Letters & Numbers

Unfinished wooden letters and numbers are incredibly versatile craft supplies. you're not committed to specific color schemes, textures, or patterns. There's so much freedom in their design and they provide many options for decoration. They come in multiple sizes and fonts, so you can use them for different projects in your house for unique looks in every room.

Crafting With the Alphabet

A popular way to use the letters and numbers is for decorations in nurseries and children's rooms. The letters can be arranged on the wall to spell out a child’s name and adding numbers allows you to include the child’s birth date, as well as weight and length for a newborn baby. For an adorable backdrop for pictures, put the name and birthday on a wall with empty space below. You can use this when they reach a new age, begin a school year, or have some other type of accomplishment or event. You could also put your family’s last name near the entryway, label rooms like restrooms and coat closets for your guests, and many other creative ways to use them in your home.

Unfinished Wooden Letters & Numbers 

If you don’t trust yourself to paint a good design but don’t want solids, you can paint with stencils or cover them with scrapbook paper. For a free-spirited look, tear or cut pieces of scrapbook paper to match your color scheme. Then overlap the pieces randomly and use glue or mod podge to adhere them. For an organic or outdoorsy theme, synthetic moss and succulents add an enchanting touch.