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What are the best Christmas decoration trends for 2018

What are the best Christmas decoration trends for 2018

What are the best Christmas decoration trends
Unique 2018 Christmas Decoration Trends

Christmas enthusiasts are breaking away from traditional decoration trends and choosing schemes that reflect their personalities. Using Christmas ornaments as a foundational element of the overall holiday décor is a popular trend of 2018.

Ornaments Around the House 

Christmas ornaments of all shapes, sizes, and colors can be used inside. Place evergreen boughs on the mantle and the dining room table. Nestle smaller ornaments within the boughs for a unique aesthetic. Using vintage ornaments incorporates the traditional atmosphere of Christmas.

A rainbow tree is predicted to be a widespread look in 2018. Use red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple ornaments in linear patterns on the tree to experiment with this trend. Incorporating multi-colored lights within the branches and colored packages underneath build on the festive appearance. 

Ornaments Outside the House

In previous years, we saw trends of wrapping doors like presents and hanging bells on handles. There will be many wreaths decorated with ornaments hanging on front doors in 2018. You can purchase a pre-made ornament wreath or make it a DYI project, where you purchase a wreath and attach ornaments of your choice using a hot glue gun.


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