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Popular Gifts in every Souvenir Shop

Popular Souvenirs for Gift Shops

Popular Gifts in every Souvenir Shop
Aside from landmarks and attractions, souvenir shops will always be a part of a tourist’s itinerary.  For every tourist, the souvenir shop feels like a wonderland— either a land full of wonderful and miniature versions of tourist destinations or a land full of “I wonder which one should I choose?”.


What makes a good souvenir?

It’s always a tough decision when it comes to choosing the right gift. Surprisingly, a souvenir is not necessarily sophisticated or expensive. For tourists, what matters most about the souvenir is the experience that it evokes and the story that it tells. When these souvenirs are handed to another person, it is not the cost that truly matters but it is all about the fascinating view, the history of the landmark, the traditions and culture, the personality of the locals and the festivities that were celebrated.

Here are the things to consider when finding a souvenir:

  • Handy

When the souvenir is bigger than a suitcase, it becomes hard to travel with. Not to mention the added cost to keep it intact and the cost to ship it from the current location to the home address.


  • Practical

While a souvenir is also a good collectible, it becomes more valuable to the receiver if it is also for everyday use. Things that can be used also in the kitchen, living room or in the office are examples of good souvenirs.


  • It has a story to tell

Whether it's printed, carved, molded, woven or fabricated as long as it has an image of a country, landmark, or a person associated with the tourist attraction, then it tells a story. This helps the tourists recall the experiences he or she has obtained from that journey.


Most popular gifts in every souvenir shop that tourists sought after

  1. Fridge Magnets

Not only that it’s a collectible but it’s also handy for posting the grocery list on the fridge. Fridge magnets are easy to find in souvenir shops and available on last-minute-buys in the airport.


  1. Keychains/Keyrings 

Almost everyone has a key chain, but it doesn’t hurt to add another one, right? The name of the tourist destination is enough to make every keyring valuable.

You can grab one right away here.


  1. Mugs

Morning coffee tastes even better when it has the latest destination printed on it. Take a sip on your mug while reminiscing the best experiences of your travel. For instance, remember the coffee you had while witnessing the busy street of Times Square.


  1. Nesting Dolls

There are still speculations about the origin of the nesting dolls, whether it is from the Russian Matryoshka or the Japanese Kokeshi. But today, it has more versions and variations like celebrities and sceneries. You can check on those designs here.


  1. Ornaments

You don’t need to tell it, the picture will tell for itself. Ornaments tell the tourist’s latest travel experience. Some ornaments are miniature versions of a landmark and some are hand-painted scenes of cities and counties. Imagine bringing home a pocket-sized tourist attraction and hang it on your favorite spot.

Bestpysanky has a wide collection of hand-crafted ornaments including the iconic Statue of Liberty and Chicago Bean here.


  1. Pens and pencils

            Pens and pencils became more valuable gifts if they are designed with pictures and logos of museums, theme parks and most especially those that are culture-inspired. These gifts are very handy for taking notes too.

            Bestpysanky has giant wooden Matryoshka pens that you can view here.


  1. Postcards

It’s a classic and thoughtful way to let mom know you’re doing great. Postcards are a great way to show the best places you’ve gone to. Show some love by writing a note at the back of the card. What joy it could bring!


  1. Shot Glasses

            Make parties more fun with shot glasses printed with flags and images of your latest trip. It’s a great topic starter to remind you what you did on your last vacation. Your Mexico or Canada shot glasses will surely spark curiosity to your guests.


  1. Snow Globe

            Who doesn’t want to shake the dreamy snow globe? Snow globes were said to be invented by Erwin Perzy I through serendipity. The first snow globe featured the Basilica of the Birth of the Virgin Mary in Mariazell in Austria. Today, it goes with the trend of different occasions and famous places. You can see some of the variations here.


  1. Towels

            Whether it’s a beach towel or a fancy tea towel, it’s sure to be more than just a collectible souvenir. Bring home a colorfully designed towel from Malibu or tea towel from Australia with a cute koala printed on it.


  1. T-Shirts

The “I heart ____” t-shirts never gets old. More designs are printed every year but they all mean the same thing, “I love this place”. Wear your favorite “I heart Boston” or “I heart LA” shirt to express your love for your favorite place.