The practice of putting glass ornaments on spruce trees originated in Renaissance Germany and spread to the rest of Europe in the 19th century. In America, few people put up Christmas trees until magazines began publishing idyllic pictures of the British Royal family gathered around a festively lit up and decorated spruce. 
Both the colors and the shapes had a deep secular and religious significance. For example; the star represents the shining hope of mankind, the fir tree shows everlasting light whilst the bell signifies that all are precious in God’s eyes. In addition to this, the colors also have different meanings (i.e. the color red symbolizes The Jesus sacrifice for all, and so on). In later times, people started decorating their own holiday ornaments for all their wishes to come true on Christmas. All over the years, more and more ornaments were created for a number of historic and personal reasons.
As the holiday season approaches, it brings back the time to decorate Christmas tree. You can add new ideas to look your tree decorated with glass or wooden Christmas ornaments. As all of them have their own special meaning and symbolism
Most decoration comes in the ball ornaments design and look, a traditional way to decorate your Christmas tree with different assortments in size, color, and material designs.
To add more charms, you can use Santa ornaments, angel ornaments or animals ornaments, Baby's First Christmas ornaments, wedding ornaments, nativity ornaments, Our first Christmas ornaments, Russian ornaments and Easter egg ornaments. You can also add some additional charm collectibles like light tree topper, Christmas tree skirts.
When it comes to choosing the perfect kinds of ornaments for your Christmas tree decoration, there is no limit to what you are able to select and what sort of decorations are out there. The glass Christmas balls are really beautiful and reflect the light, whether it is the light surrounding the tree or some of the bulbs that are strung through the tree. The wooden Christmas ornaments feel more organic and almost part of the tree as if the tree is creating these decorations itself, and then there are specific ornaments that fit right in your personal background. The mouth-blown Christmas ornaments of different shape and theme, such as sport Christmas ornaments, Cities ornaments, nutcracker Christmas ornaments, music ornaments, Olympic ornaments and many more. Whether it is a Ukrainian or Russian ornament, or simply something entirely different, those decorating ornament adds charm and make your Christmas tree look uniquely beautiful.
Many people collect Santa Christmas ornaments which are typically hand painted and represent Santa Claus with different holiday characters such as snowman, reindeer, nutcracker, gingerbread man and religious Christmas ornaments with holy family or nativity scene depicted. Most liked Nativity Christmas ornaments generally comes in sets with Jesus, St Joseph, Maria, 3 Kings depicted on them usually made of glass or wood.
To cheer the heart and gladden the spirit this holiday season, we offer you a wide selection of beautiful hand-painted Christmas tree ornaments. Choose from a wide variety of Ukrainian and Russian ornaments, wooden Christmas ornaments, glass ornaments, Santa ornaments patterned with a nutcracker, snowman or Christmas tree and much more! Whether colored with a traditional decorative folk pattern or painted in a modern style, our Christmas tree ornaments will add a little hand-crafted magic to your holiday!
This season add some unique beautiful charms to your home Christmas tree decorations. These hand painted ornaments are handed down from generation to generation and this could be the perfect time to start. Coming in all sizes, shapes, and colors, these unique ornaments provide the variety needed to satisfy everyone’s taste!