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All Royal Collection

All Royal Collection

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Peter Carl Faberge was a renowned goldsmith and artist-jeweler, the visionary and creative force behind the iconic company that bears his name, including the renowned eggs. His legacy is reflected in the exquisite jewels and unique objects that continue to evoke the deep emotions and sentiments of a bygone era.

Imbued with the essence of their time, these masterpieces stand timeless in their allure, commitment to excellence, and unmatched craftsmanship. They are akin to the final chorus of a fading era, where Faberge's personal accessories, jewels, and fantasy objects shimmer with cultural significance, opulent luxury, and striking elegance, reflecting the newfound wealth of industrial magnates.

The meticulously crafted, luxurious Easter eggs stand as a genuine testament to Peter Carl Faberge's unwavering dedication to producing awe-inspiring, handcrafted artistry. These invaluable creations symbolize relentless devotion and superior craftsmanship, a standard the Carl Faberge Company holds in high regard.

Savor the splendor and sophistication of these jewels, inspired by the cherished Easter treasures once possessed by monarchs, nobles, and royalty.