Hen Eggs

Chicken Pysanky This Easter egg decoration technique is considered by many different folk cultures around the world as a symbol of springtime and rebirth. So the decorations have a much deeper meaning than simply being pretty to look at on your Easter Sunday dinner table. They have a cherished history and are often thought of as being a glorious symbol of the chick emerging from what may seem like a lifeless shell, as well as the grass growing and flowers blooming from the cold, hard winter ground. Christians around the world have used these wonderfully decorated eggs as a symbol of Christ's resurrection from the dead, especially in those countries where Orthodox Christianity is prevalent. If you are looking for a deep and meaningful Easter gift, Pysanky eggs are the perfect choice to begin a tradition of thoughtful gift giving. Of course, they also make lovely Easter keepsakes for yourself, and we offer a variety of designs and styles to suit your needs. In addition, we offer Easter egg stands in various matching style so that you may display your Pysanky eggs proudly the way they should be. Take a look at our large selection today.