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As your child grows up, she wants to follow her idol’s every move, and that is you! She loves to see you heat up the stove, tighten nuts and bolts or chop those tomatoes. She’s very eager to try it out for herself, but of course, your answer would be “No!”. These real tools may seem very intimidating for her, and that is toys come in.
Set your ground rules in your make-believe games with BestPysanky’s Pretend Play Toys Collection. Make her feel confident and secure with toys appropriately selected for her age. Nurture your child’s gift whether it’s in baking, construction, story-making or love for animals.
Let her compare a nail from a screw or a wrench from a hammer. She’ll learn to appreciate fruits and veggies when she makes her first dish. Let her discover different animal breeds from farm, jungle or from under the sea. Boost her planning and organizational skills as she begins to express her incites an opinion through storytelling. It also allows her to interact with her playmates as she shares her hobbies and likings.
There’s a little genius inside every child that’s waiting to be unlocked. Who knows? You might just discover an aspiring chef, mechanic, architect, veterinarian or mathematician.
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