Transportation Ornaments

The concept of transportation started out a long, long time ago where humans thought of moving things from one place to another. They would drag things by sledges, lift with their shear strength or make them float on the rivers. Then they realized that animals had the capability to carry the load instead of them doing the heavy stuff. They harnessed this power by making sledges or travois for beasts to transport. Adding one of the greatest inventions created around 3500 BC, the wheel took transportation into faster and further advancement. And in the year 1885, the “Motorwagen”, a three-wheeled vehicle patented by the German engineer Karl Benz became the first car powered by gasoline.
Today, different modes of transportation emerged running on land, drifting on air and sailing on water. BestPysanky illustrated it best with the colorful and fun Cars and Transportation Collection. See groovy Santa Claus drive a motorcycle, fly a plane and march a tank. Add a classic look on your tree with our vintage cars collection, vividly hand-painted with Christmas colors. Take a preview of our exclusive designs and more surprises here in BestPysanky.