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Stone Eggs & Mineral Spheres

Stone Eggs

(4 products)
Stone eggs are commonly polished in a rock tumbler. You may also polish them on diamond grinding wheels by hand, using sandpaper or cut them with a saw and polish them on a flat lap. The basic procedure is to tumble the rocks with progressively finer grits and polishes until the desired egg shape and shine is achieved. It may take 4 to 6 weeks to finish a batch. Designed and dyed by nature herself, these polished natural stone eggs are the pictured definition of elegance itself. Much more understated than the usual brightly colored Easter egg, natural Rock Eggs convey just the right combination of gravitas and playfulness. Due to unique patterns in the stone, each of these eggs is one of a kind. Keep your memories of Easter alive forever with gemstone Easter eggs that will never spoil or fade with age. A perfect gift this holiday season for your most beloved.

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