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Christmas Wreaths

Wreaths and Garlands

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The Christmas wreath is both symbolic and decorative in nature. Made from evergreen branches and hollies, it holds many meanings across different cultures. Just like the Christmas tree, the Christmas wreath is a traditional décor originally used to celebrate the return of the sun during the Winter Solstice.
The evergreen branches stay fresh throughout the winter, as the Pagans believed that it signifies the life on earth that continually flourishes. The circular design represents a crownlike structure, worn by ancient Romans to symbolize honor during festivals and victory from an exhausting battle. It also represents Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross where a crown of thorns was placed on His head.
The bright red holly berries were also associated with the shedding of the blood of Jesus during the crucifixion. Hung as a garland, placed as a centerpiece or as a tabletop, the Christmas wreath shares to you its evolution throughout history, an important piece to complete your holidays.

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