Icons Religious icons have many important values attached to them. You see many of them hanging in the churches. You see Mary and Joseph hanging in the church windows. You see pictures of Jesus Christ hanging in the steeples. They bring a calming effect to so many. Too many these pictures aren't just art, they are a way of life. They bring a sort of belief into the hearts of those who gaze upon them. When you look at a picture of Mary, you see the virgin the way she always was. We see the virgin the way the bible portrays her to be. There are many who come from a strong faith, who don't like that image to be tarnished. They don't want that image to be damaged. This is why the churches use them, as they do. These icons bring a sense of hope and faith, to many who so desperately need it. Catholic icons work pretty much the same way. Catholics have such a strong faith inside of them. It brings a sense of chaos to those who try to damage that imagery. This is why the Catholic imagery is so valuable. It's about faith, peace, hope and strength in Jesus Christ. For many, the church is the one place they can call home. It's the one place these people feel safe in this world. These icons bring that sensibility to them. This is another reason why so many wear the iconography around their necks. It gives them a sense of security. It also gives these people a sense of luck and value.