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Kistkas Traditional & Electric Kistka There are many different techniques to use when it comes to decorating pysanky Easter eggs, and while all have their pros and cons, nothing is as easy or as popular as the kistka writing method. Kistka egg decorating is simply drawing on your egg with a hot wax pen. While it may sound a bit more complicated than you want to get involved it, it's actually quite easy, and a lot of fun as well. It's a great technique for beginners to try. There are a couple different ways to try the kistka method; for beginners, the traditional non-electric kistka with the candle light is a great choice and gives a beautiful result. More experienced decorators may prefer to use the electric version, which is a little bit more comfortable and has a constant heat flow. This makes it a little bit easier to use, but may be intimidating for a beginner. No matter which one you choose for your Easter egg decorating needs, once you see how it works, you'll definitely want to do it again and again. Try doing kiskta today!