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The very first Nativity scene was the creation of St. Francis of Assisi. He felt that people had almost forgotten the real meaning of Christmas mostly focusing on the ritual of giving away gifts. He got worried and introduced the first Nativity scene sets to remind people of what happened hundreds of years ago. Every home has some form of figurine, and people have different reasons to buy and place them in their homes. The term Nativity takes us back to the era of Jesus birth. The Bible tells us a lot about the Birthplace of Jesus and the details about his life and activities he got involved in. Nativity figurines are monuments that hold special importance in the eyes of Christians. To them, each side of the story is sacred and the symbols shed light on this history. So, Nativity sets are symbols expressing the rich history, and acting as a source of comfort for Christians. By nature, the figurines are different but the story behind them is the same.
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