Snow Globes

Ever felt that relieving feeling when you gaze at the snowy blizzard settle down on the base of your snow globe? And what do you do next? You shake it up again! You’re always filled with that magical excitement, but have you ever wondered how that miniature winter wonderland ever came to life?
There were many stories that tell the origin of the snow globe, but one was the most noteworthy. It started from a serendipity in 1900, when Erwin Perzy I was supposed to make an electric light bulb. While looking at the shoemakers during his time, he was fascinated by the idea how much more light that can be produced with a candle on top of a glass globe filled with water in front of the fire.
And so the story continued wherein Perzy sprinkled semolina flakes, a white powder used for baby food, into the glass globe. It immersed in the water and floated very slowly to the base of the globe. This reminded him of snowfall. Later, he added a miniature church, the Basilica of the Birth of the Virgin Mary in Mariazell, Austria. He mounted it on the base of the water-filled globe and thus, the first snow globe was made. More and more globes immerged innovatively in the market.
BestPysanky took the design to a whole new level. The famous Christmas characters come to life with intricate details and vivid colors. Added with unique features such as lights, picture frames, and vibrant hand-painted bases, you’ll enjoy every part of the alluring collector’s item.