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Christmas Tree Decoration for Atheists

Christmas Tree Decoration for Atheists

While Christmas has strong ties with religious traditions, it is still celebrated by many non-religious people who value the community spirit and joyful atmosphere emphasized during the season. It is a time for friends and family to come together, perhaps by sharing a meal or exchanging gifts. Many atheists and Christians alike add to the festive atmosphere by decorating trees with Christmas ornaments.

Alternative Decorations

The Christmas tree tradition has pagan roots. Before the tree became associated with Christianity, individuals would decorate homes with evergreen boughs as a reminder of life even in the midst of the cold winter season. Even though the symbol is now often associated with Christianity, many atheists still decorate trees with Christmas ornaments and other adornments that do not have religious connotations. For example, instead of using a Bethlehem Star or an angel as a tree topper, they may use other tree toppers including:

  • Favorite TV character
  • Favorite animal
  • Snowman
  • Penguin
  • Family photo

It is possible to decorate the rest of the tree without using religious symbols. A combination of lights, tinsel, ribbon and hand-crafted ornaments is used to create a tree that family can gather around during the holiday celebrations. Visit Best Pysanky online to browse Christmas ornaments, including emojis and geometrical, for decorating this year’s tree.