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Easter Eggs Decorating Tips

Easter Eggs Decorating Tips

Decorating Easter eggs is a fun family activity that can keep your kids busy for hours. It helps them learn about traditions while enjoying themselves. The simplest way to decorate Easter eggs is to dip them in colored dye. This is a good option for very young children but if your children are older they may find the activity too simple. Here are some ideas on how to decorate Easter eggs during the holiday season in spring.

Working with real eggs can be more challenging than eggs made of different artificial material. Before painting on real eggs, you need to make sure the eggs are clean by blowing them out. Since you will be taking the trouble of decorating the eggs you would like them to stay for a while. This is why you may want to work with eggs made of wood, plastic, papier mache, foam or ceramic. These come in a wide range of sizes and are fun to decorate.

Before starting off on your Easter egg decoration project, you will require scissors, tapestry needles, some kind of adhesive, paintbrushes and bamboo skewers. You may also want to use egg cups or fancy baskets to stand your eggs in once they are ready.

The easiest way to paint eggs is to make a mosaic pattern on them. Paint a base coat of any solid color and then paint small squares or geometric shapes over the base coat. You can use colors like gold and silver to add extra sparkle to the pattern. You could also glue on different colored squares on top of a base coat.
For large sized eggs, you could use stencils of stars or leaves and create a pretty pattern.

You could also give your eggs a bejeweled appearance by using sequins and rhinestones. Paint your eggs a solid gold, copper or bronze color. Once the paint has dried, glue on the sequins and rhinestones on the eggs. For best results, use jewelry glue.

You could also cover your eggs with paper and then brush them with varnish. To make these eggs, the best paper to use is thin wrapping paper with any kind of pint on it. Covert the eggs in sections so that the paper looks smooth.

Once your basic decoration is in place, glue on narrow ribbons, braids or lace to finish your eggs. You could also wrap strings of faux pearls around your eggs with the help of glue to created a pearled look. These decorative Easter eggs also make great gifts.

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