Russian Eggs

Russian Eggs Russian Easter eggs are connected to lots of religious symbolism. This is one of the reasons that many of the eggs are decorated with flowers that have bloomed. It represents new life and the renewing of the spirit. The floral wooden eggs are the most common tradition in Russia. Lots of these eggs are handcrafted pieces that are exquisite in detail. Many of these eggs are exclusive to Russia. Visitors that come to the area will often acquire these eggs as souvenirs. There are folktales about Russian Eggs and how these hand-painted symbols are associated with good luck. That is another reason that many people are anxious to acquire the eggs. The tradition has been long associated with the story of Mary Magdalene giving an egg to the Russian Emperor. It was a symbol of the resurrection. That is why there is a great emphasis Russian Easter eggs. Much of the decoration of the colors is also associated with the encounter between Mary and the Russian Emperor Tuberous. The story connected with the legacy of the eggs stated that the emperor did not believe in the resurrection of Christ. He compared the rising of Christ from the grave to that of an egg turning red. The emperor deemed both things to be impossible. It is folklore that the egg that he received from Mary turned red at the very moment that he uttered those words. This led to a legacy of colorful eggs that were decorated to further symbolize the connection with new life. The artists that have painted these eggs down through the years have made a very bold impact on Russian culture.